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Cheapest Car Insurance Companies for Drivers with No Accidents

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It goes without saying that finding cheap car insurance for drivers with no recent accidents, traffic citations, or DUIs is much easier than for motorists who have a history of collisions or traffic offenses. If your insurance company considers you to be a low-risk driver, that means you’re less of a liability, which usually translates into more affordable premiums.

But with dozens of car insurance companies claiming to offer low cost auto insurance quotes, it’s not always easy to identify the best policy for your needs and budget. To take the guesswork out of the equation, our researchers compared rates from nine leading providers to find the best quotes for safe drivers in each state. The table below summarizes the results of our study:

StateCheapest Insurer
AlaskaState Farm
ArkansasState Farm
ColoradoState Farm
ConnecticutState Farm
DelawareState Farm
FloridaState Farm
GeorgiaState Farm
HawaiiState Farm
IdahoState Farm
IllinoisState Farm
IndianaState Farm
IowaState Farm
KansasState Farm
KentuckyState Farm
LouisianaState Farm
MaineState Farm
MarylandState Farm
MassachusettsPlymouth Rock Assurance
MichiganState Farm
MinnesotaState Farm
MississippiState Farm
MissouriState Farm
NevadaState Farm
New HampshireSafeco
New JerseyState Farm
New MexicoState Farm
New YorkState Farm
North CarolinaAllstate
North DakotaState Farm
OhioState Farm
OregonState Farm
Rhode IslandState Farm
South CarolinaAllstate
South DakotaState Farm
TennesseeState Farm
TexasState Farm
VermontState Farm
VirginiaState Farm
Washington DCState Farm
West VirginiaState Farm
WyomingState Farm

FAQs About Cheap Car Insurance for Drivers with No Accidents

When Is It Better Not to Report a Car Accident to My Auto Insurance Company?

You should always report a collision to your insurance company. Although your insurance premiums may increase, it is also possible that you will eventually find out that someone in the crash was seriously injured but their symptoms were not immediately apparent. If this happens and you are found to be at fault for the collision but you decided not to report your accident, your insurance company might deny your claim if you waited too long to file. As a result, you might wind up personally liable for another person’s medical bills and other damages, which could put you in overwhelming debt.


Find Cheap Auto Insurance For Drivers With No Accidents

Each insurance company has different deadlines for reporting claims, so you should report an accident to your insurer as soon as possible.


Can My Insurance Company Increase My Premiums After an Accident That Another Driver Caused?

The answer to this question depends on the state where you live. In most states, insurance companies are allowed to increase your rates if you are involved in a collision no matter who was liable. However, if you are located in California or Oklahoma, your insurance company cannot increase your rates after an accident unless you were found to be at-fault.

How Much Will My Car Insurance Increase After an Accident?

Our data indicates that on average, monthly car insurance premiums increase by 32% after causing one at-fault collision that results in moderate property damage. However, there are several factors that affect the rate increase including your insurance carrier and the state where you live.

Why Would My Insurance Company Increase My Rates If I Was Not Found At-Fault for the Crash?

It is not always clear who is at-fault in a collision, and it is often the case that multiple drivers share a percentage of liability. Also, insurance companies incur costs every time a policyholder makes a claim—even if the claimant was not found to be at-fault for the collision.


Find Cheap Auto Insurance For Drivers With No Accidents

Your insurance rates may go up no matter who was determined to be at fault for your accident.


Am I Required by Law to Call the Police After an Accident?

The answer to this question varies by state. Although you are always required to contact the police if you are involved in an accident that causes an injury or death, some states do not require you to contact the police if nobody was injured. But it’s a good idea to contact law enforcement after any collision. An officer will create an accident report that contains important details about your wreck including the date, time, location, and cause. This report will be valuable evidence if the other driver’s account of what happened differs from yours.