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Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in North Dakota

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If you’ve been searching the Web for cheap auto insurance in North Dakota, you’ve probably discovered that insurance quotes can vary greatly from one company to the next. There are dozens of factors that determine your monthly premiums. The secret to finding the best car insurance quotes is to find a company that caters to your particular driver profile. Below, you’ll find the results of our study that compared some of the top insurance companies to identify the best and most affordable providers.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in North Dakota

Best Car Insurance Companies

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements

Penalties for Driving Without Auto Insurance

North Dakota Car Insurance FAQs

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in North Dakota

To snag the most affordable rates in North Dakota, you’ll need to compare car insurance quotes from different providers. The table below outlines our carrier suggestions for different driver categories:


Cheapest InsurerDriver Category
Liberty MutualSafe Drivers
USAADrivers in the Military
EsuranceDrivers Who Pay Their Premiums Upfront
Teen Drivers
State FarmDrivers with a DUI

Best Car Insurance Companies in North Dakota

We conducted an in-depth analysis of complaint data and policyholder reviews to rank North Dakota’s best auto insurance providers. The table below will give you a snapshot of our findings:


RankCompanyOur Rating
1State FarmA
5Liberty MutualB

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in North Dakota

In North Dakota, the minimum auto insurance limits are as follows:

  • For Bodily Injuries To One Individual: $25,000 Per Person / $50,000 Per Accident
  • For Property Damage: $25,000
  • Un/Underinsured Motorist Coverage For Bodily Injuries: $25,000 Per Person / $50,000 Per Accident
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): $30,000 Per Person

Penalties for Driving Without Auto Insurance in North Dakota

Every year, thousands of drivers risk severe penalties by driving without insurance. In North Dakota, this detour is a highway to hell. Not only will a Driving Without Insurance conviction result in license suspensions and fines, you may also be charged with a Class B misdemeanor.

While serial offenders will receive harsher punishments, first-time rulebreakers won’t escape with just a slap on the wrist. If you cannot present proof of insurance when requested to do so by law enforcement (or authorities discover your vehicle is uninsured), you will have to pay up to $1,000 in fines. While you’ll dodge jail time, you license may be suspended until you fulfill SR-22 filing requirements in the state.

For any violation within 12 months of your first, you may have to pay up to $5,000 in fines, serve a month behind bars, and lose your license, vehicle’s registration, and plates, until you can present proof of SR-22 insurance to the relevant Department or authority.

North Dakota Car Insurance FAQs

What Is SR-22 Insurance in North Dakota?

When your license is suspended due to a serious traffic violation, you will have to fulfil SR-22 filing requirements before your driving privileges are restored. As part of this process, you must purchase a policy from a provider willing to file an SR-22 form/certificate on your behalf. This document is proof that you are carrying insurance meeting the state’s mandated minimum liability limits.

In most cases, you will only need to fulfill this obligation for a year. But if you end your coverage or let your insurance lapse due to a missed payment, your provider will have to inform the authorities that you are now uninsured. The penalties: Your driver’s license and/or registration will once again be suspended. You will also need to restart the SR-22 filing period from scratch.

Typically, SR-22 insurance will cost you more than a standard policy. Many state insurers will also reject applications from high-risk motorists due to a Driving Without Insurance conviction.

How Can I Reinstate My Driving Privileges in North Dakota?

Fulfilling SR-22 filing requirements is only part of the long process of restoring your driving privileges in the state. You will also need to retake your driver’s test, forking over a further $10 to secure your appointment. Once you have checked all the boxes and passed your test, you must pay an additional $50 in reinstatement before you can return to the road.

Can I Have a Driving Without Insurance Misdemeanor Expunged in North Dakota?

Unfortunately, you cannot have your Driving Without Insurance misdemeanor expunged from your criminal record. As a result, anyone with access to criminal history can see that you were convicted of a crime. A bad criminal record can limit employment opportunities, affect rights to own a gun, and impact child custody rights. Your misdemeanor could haunt you for years to come.

While you may not be able to expunged your traffic violation, you can appeal to have your criminal record sealed. This will prevent the general public from viewing your crime history. You would need to find a lawyer well-versed in North Dakota’s expungement court proceedings and processes to aid you with your appeal.

When Should I Increase My Auto Insurance Liability Limits?

In an ideal world, we would be able to give you a magic formula that would pinpoint the perfect limits. But choosing the right coverage amounts can depend on a wide variety of factors, including your personal and financial circumstances and your driving habits. What kind of driver are you? How often do you drive? How far? Do you transport relatives in your vehicle? What’s the value of your car? What safety features does your vehicle have?

By asking yourself these questions, you should arrive at a number that suits your means and needs. Take note: You will always want to purchase coverage that exceeds the state’s minimum limits as these coverage requirements are not sufficient to protect you against financial loss in a severe crash.

How Are Car Insurance Rates Calculated in North Dakota?

Providers consider a wide range of criteria when calculating premiums. Typically, the better your risk profile, the lower your rates will be. Besides looking at the make, model, and year of your vehicle, a provider may consider your driving record, marital status, age, gender, occupation, education, and credit history.

Why? These factors help an insurer determine your likelihood of being involved in or causing a serious accident. By looking at decades of data and tracking traits associated with the more accident-prone motorists amongst us, providers are able to build an accurate risk profile to calculate your rates.

Take note: Your deductible will have a considerable impact on your insurance premiums. A deductible is the amount you will have to pay for an accident claim before your policy’s individual features kick in to cover the rest. The lower the amount, the higher your insurance premium.

What Terms Should I Know Before Buying Car Insurance in North Dakota?

Struggling to make sense of your policy options? Below, we’ve created a list of common auto insurance terms to help give you a better understanding of how auto insurance works:

  • Adjuster: An individual tasked by the insurance company to investigate, verify, and settle car insurance claims.
  • Claim: A request sent to your provider asking for compensation for damages covered under one or more of your policy features.
  • Collision Coverage: A policy addon that reimburses you for any damage sustained by your car in a collision involving another vehicle or object.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: An optional coverage feature that covers loss resulting from causes out of your control. These causes can include hail, vandalism, earthquakes, wildfires, tornados, flooding, and more.
  • Deductible: The amount you will have to pay out of pocket to cover costs stemming from an accident, such as medical costs or repairs, before your provider reimburses you for the remaining amount. As a result, a high deductible will help you cut down on your rates but will leave you vulnerable to severe financial loss in an accident.
  • Lapse: Cancellation of your auto insurance coverage due to non-payment.
  • Policy Period: The duration of time your coverage is in effect.
  • Premium or Rates: How much you will have to pay to maintain your auto insurance policy. Insurers will often offer you the option of making payments once a month, every six months, or paying the full amount upfront. Keep in mind you may be able to score lucrative discounts by electing to settle your rates at the beginning of the policy period.

How Does North Dakota’s License Points System Work?

Every time you commit a traffic violation, you could receive points on your license. The number of demerits you receive is based on the severity of your infraction. For example, if you were driving just 11mph above the posted speed limit, you would receive only a single point. But if you are nabbed street racing, you would be docked a total of 10 points.

Your license will be suspended for at least 7 days if you receive 12 points or more on your license. For every point you receive over 12 points your driving privileges will be revoked for an additional week.

You can atone for your bad habits on the road by avoiding accruing points for a short period of time. For every 3 months you stay out of trouble, the North Dakota Department of Transport will deduct 1 demerit from your permanent driving record.

What Is Comprehensive Coverage?

This policy feature covers your vehicle for damage caused by natural disasters, fires, vandalism, protests, falling objects, theft, and more. It’s a mandatory addon for motorists financing or leasing their vehicles, but drivers living in high-crime or disaster-prone areas may also benefit from purchasing this feature. Not sure if you need comprehensive coverage? Ty this: Calculate the increase in your premium of adding this feature to your policy for three years. If this number exceeds 10% of the market value of your car, it may not be worth it.

What Are North Dakota’s Drunk Driving Laws?

Alcohol impairs your judgment and reaction times. Unsurprisingly, drunk driving is one of the leading causes of crashes in the state. In an effort to crackdown on inebriated motorists, authorities have taken a hard line against anyone caught driving under the influence.

You could face fines, license suspensions, and prison time if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is:

  • 02% or more for drivers under age 21;
  • 04% or more for drivers operating commercial vehicles;
  • 08% or more for adult motorists.

Penalties can vary based on your BAC. If it’s your first offense, you could be charged with a Class B misdemeanor and may have to pay up to $500 in fines. Your license will also be suspended for 91 days. If your BAC is 0.16% or higher, you could be imprisoned for up to two days and may have to pay a $750 fine.

For second offenses within 7 years of the first, a DUI will result in:

  • $1,500 in fines;
  • Up to 10 days behind bars;
  • License suspended for up to 2 years;
  • Compulsory participation in the state’s sobriety program for a full year; and
  • Completion of an alcohol education and treatment program.

Your third DUI in a 7-year period will result in;

  • $2,000 in fines;
  • Up to 4 months behind bars;
  • License suspended for up to 3 years;
  • 360 days of supervised probation;
  • Compulsory participation in the state’s sobriety program for a full year; and
  • Completion of an alcohol education and treatment program.

Your fourth or subsequent DUI in a 7-year period will result in:

  • $2,000 in fines;
  • Up to a year behind bars;
  • License suspended for up to 3 years;
  • 2 years of supervised probation;
  • Compulsory participation in the state’s sobriety program for 2 years; and
  • Completion of an alcohol education and treatment program.

If you refuse to take a blood alcohol test when requested to do so by law enforcement officers, your license will be suspended or revoked by the North Dakota Department of Transport. This is because when you drive in the state you enter into an unspoken contract consenting to be tested for alcohol or drugs when stopped by authorities.

North Dakota Car Accident Statistics

In 2017, 104 people died and another 4,432 were injured in 16,387 crashes in North Carolina, according to a report released by the state Department of Transport. This marked a slight drop in fatalities from the previous year.

cheapest car insurance in north dakota

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