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Cheapest Car Insurance Companies for Low Mileage Drivers

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If you’re a low-mileage driver, you’ll have an easier time finding cheap car insurance quotes than a road warrior who spends countless hours behind the wheel. This is because driving less invariably translates into a lower risk of being involved in a car accident, so auto insurance carriers will consider you to be less of a liability.

However, with so many companies to choose from, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when searching for affordable auto insurance for low-mileage drivers. To help you save time, our Geeks did the legwork and compared quotes from nine top providers. The table below summarizes our findings:

AlaskaState Farm
ArizonaState Farm
ArkansasState Farm
ColoradoState Farm
ConnecticutState Farm
DelawareState Farm
FloridaState Farm
GeorgiaState Farm
HawaiiState Farm
IdahoState Farm
IndianaState Farm
IowaState Farm
KansasState Farm
KentuckyState Farm
LouisianaState Farm
MaineState Farm
MarylandState Farm
MassachusettsPlymouth Rock Assurance
MichiganState Farm
MinnesotaState Farm
MississippiState Farm
MissouriState Farm
MontanaState Farm
NebraskaState Farm
NevadaState Farm
New HampshireState Farm
New JerseyMetromile
New MexicoState Farm
New YorkState Farm
North CarolinaState Farm
North DakotaState Farm
OhioState Farm
OklahomaState Farm
Rhode IslandAllstate
South CarolinaAllstate
South DakotaState Farm
TennesseeState Farm
TexasState Farm
VermontState Farm
Washington DCState Farm
West VirginiaState Farm
WisconsinState Farm
WyomingState Farm

FAQs About Car Insurance for Low-Mileage Drivers

What Are the Penalties for Driving Without Auto Insurance as a Low-Mileage Driver?

Low-mileage drivers carry less risk of being involved in crash, but that doesn’t mean you should skip out on insurance. In most states, electronic databases keep tabs on every motorist to weed out the uninsured. And those who slip through the cracks are often pulled over by law enforcement.

In most states, you will have your driver’s license and vehicle registration suspended if you are caught driving without car insurance. Reinstating both documents is a tedious process involving fees, queues and endless forms. In many states, uninsured drivers have to pay up to $1,000 for second or subsequent offenses. These offenses may also impact your car insurance premiums.

What Are “Fault” and “No-Fault” Car Insurance States?

The majority of states employ a “fault” system, which means the driver who caused the accident will have to dip into his or her own pocket (or insurance policy) to cover the costs resulting from a crash. However, because many accidents are the fault of multiple parties, many states have implemented comparative or contributory negligence laws, which reduce a person’s damages award by his or her percentage of fault.

For example, the courts may determine that while the other driver was reckless, you were 10% responsible for accident. As a result, the other driver would have to cover 90% of your damages.

In a no-fault state, drivers have to carry insurance that covers certain types of damages no matter who was at fault. If your own insurance policy does not cover all of your damages, you will have to file a third-party claim against the at-fault motorist or his/her insurance company.

What Mistakes Could Compromise My Car Insurance Claim?

1. Saying Too Much

Loose lips sink claims. Remember that mantra because admitting blame in the wake of an accident will only hurt you when it comes time to seek compensation.

Yes, it might look like the entire accident was your fault, but in the heat of the moment, you may have missed glaring details that tell a different story. Don’t jump the gun. Stick to calling the authorities, exchanging details with the other motorists and then contacting your insurance company.

2. Not Taking Pictures

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. After a car accident, a picture may be worth thousands of dollars. Photographic evidence can make or break your claim as they can help you prove liability and damages.

3. Not Following up with the Insurance Company

Filing an insurance claim – especially in “fault” insurance states – can be a long and complex process. Although a reliable insurance company won’t let your claim fall through the cracks, you may have missed an email notification or two. Instead of living with stress and uncertainty, pick up the phone and track down your claim to find out if there’s anything you need to do.

What Are Some Common Reasons Why Car Insurance Claims Are Denied?

1. You Missed Payments

Your policy is a contract between you and your insurer. If you fail to make good on your end of the bargain by paying the monthly premiums, the insurer is under no obligation to compensate you for your damages, or to compensate another driver for the damages you caused.

2. You Did Not Properly Document the Crash

Your insurer requires proof that the accident took place. It will want to see:

  • An accident report compiled by the police;
  • The names, phone numbers and insurance information of motorists involved;
  • The personal details of anyone who may have witnessed the accident;
  • Photographs of any damage or injuries; and
  • A medical assessment conducted by a doctor.

3. You Didn’t File Your Claim on Time

Your insurance company has laid out detailed time limits for filing your car accident claim. If you fail to file your claim within that grace period, your claim will most likely be denied.

We suggest picking up your phone and getting in touch with your insurer within 24 hours of the crash.

How Should I Prepare for the Worst-Case Accident Scenario?

Even low-mileage drivers can find themselves in an accident. Make sure you’ve prepared for the worst by:

  • Purchasing a fully equipped emergency first aid kit to treat injuries after a crash;
  • Investing in a car charging kit for your phone to ensure you will not be stranded without a means of contacting the authorities; and
  • Keeping important documents, such as your vehicle registration, driver’s license, insurance and health information, in your vehicle at all times.



Find The Cheapest Auto Insurance For Low-Mileage Drivers

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