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Find Cheap Auto Insurance For Teens And Young Drivers

It’s no secret that finding cheap car insurance for teen drivers is a challenging task. Teenagers are statistically more likely to be involved in accidents than older, more experienced drivers, which makes them a greater liability to auto insurance companies.

To help you find low cost auto insurance for young drivers, our Geeks compared quotes from nine leading providers in each state. You can find the results of our study in the table below:

State Cheapest Insurer Monthly Premiumestimated
Alabama Allstate $186/month Get a Quote
Alaska State Farm $147/month Get a Quote
Arizona Allstate $230/month Get a Quote
Arkansas State Farm $147/month Get a Quote
California Esurance $149/month Get a Quote
Colorado State Farm $142/month Get a Quote
Connecticut Amica $284/month Get a Quote
Delaware State Farm $326/month Get a Quote
Florida State Farm $239/month Get a Quote
Georgia Allstate $157/month Get a Quote
Hawaii No Data No Data
Idaho State Farm $82/month Get a Quote
Illinois Allstate $165/month Get a Quote
Indiana Allstate $168/month Get a Quote
Iowa State Farm $97/month Get a Quote
Kansas State Farm $127/month Get a Quote
Kentucky Allstate $255/month Get a Quote
Louisiana Allstate $241/month Get a Quote
Maine State Farm $117/month Get a Quote
Maryland State Farm $317/month Get a Quote
Massachusetts Plymouth Rock Assurance $83/month Get a Quote
Michigan Esurance $447/month Get a Quote
Minnesota State Farm $137/month Get a Quote
Mississippi Allstate $237/month Get a Quote
Missouri State Farm $147/month Get a Quote
Montana Allstate $209/month Get a Quote
Nebraska Allstate $116/month Get a Quote
Nevada Allstate $261/month Get a Quote
New Hampshire Allstate $91/month Get a Quote
New Jersey Allstate $327/month Get a Quote
New Mexico State Farm $128/month Get a Quote
New York State Farm $392/month Get a Quote
North Carolina No Data No Data
North Dakota Allstate $142/month Get a Quote
Ohio Allstate $166/month Get a Quote
Oklahoma State Farm $165/month Get a Quote
Oregon Allstate $337/month Get a Quote
Pennsylvania State Farm $104/month Get a Quote
Rhode Island Allstate $249/month Get a Quote
South Carolina Allstate $188/month Get a Quote
South Dakota State Farm $109/month Get a Quote
Tennessee Allstate $205/month Get a Quote
Texas Allstate $168/month Get a Quote
Utah Allstate $227/month Get a Quote
Vermont State Farm $118/month Get a Quote
Virginia State Farm $111/month Get a Quote
Washington State Farm $182/month Get a Quote
Washington, D.C. State Farm $183/month Get a Quote
West Virginia State Farm $118/month Get a Quote
Wisconsin Allstate $211/month Get a Quote
Wyoming State Farm $83/month Get a Quote


Our estimates are based on an 18-year-old driver who purchased the minimum auto insurance required for each state. We averaged the monthly premiums for males and females in five zip codes in each state. Our study involved a 2014 Toyota Corolla driven 12,000 miles per year. The teen driver had no accidents or major traffic citations.

Useful Teen Driver Statistics And Facts

  • In 2013, drivers between the ages 15 and 19 accounted for only 7% of the U.S. population, but that age group caused $10 billion in motor vehicle injuries, or about 11% of the national total.
  • Per mile traveled, teenage drivers between the ages 16 and 19 are about three times more likely than drivers age 20 and older to be involved in a fatal crash.
  • Per mile driven, the accident rate for teenagers ages 16 and 17 years old is three times higher than for teens ages 18 and 19 years old.
  • Teens are more likely to be involved in accidents and to execute an illegal maneuver when transporting a peer passenger.
  • About half of all teenage deaths involving motor vehicles in 2014 occurred between 3 p.m. and midnight. More than half of these deaths occurred on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • About 36% of male drivers between the ages 16 and 20 who were involved in fatal accidents in 2014 were speeding. About 24% had been drinking alcohol.
  • About 17% of drivers between the ages 16 and 20 who were involved in fatal motor vehicle collisions in 2014 had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or higher.
  • According to a national survey in 2015, about 1 in 5 teens had ridden in the previous month with a driver who had consumed alcohol.
  • About 53% of teens between the ages 16 and 19 who died in passenger vehicle accidents in 2014 were not wearing a seat belt.
  • Teens are involved in more fatal distracted-driving accidents than any other age group.

How Can Young Drivers Get Their Car Insurance Premiums Reduced?

New drivers can get their auto insurance premiums reduced by maintaining a clean driving record and avoiding major traffic citations. Some car insurance companies also offer student discounts and discounts for good grades. Other providers offer car insurance discounts to teens who complete approved driver safety courses. Teens can also pay less for auto insurance if they purchase a vehicle that is cheaper to insure.


Find Cheap Auto Insurance For Teens And Young Drivers

Ask your car insurance company about discounts for students, good grades, and safe driving.

What Steps Can Parents Take To Help Their Teens Avoid Accidents?

If your teen is a newly licensed driver, there are several steps you can take to reduce your child’s likelihood of being involved in a collision. Here are a few of the most effective strategies:

1. Lead By Example

If you’re driving with your teen in the car, be sure to fasten your seatbelt before starting the ignition, and make sure your passengers do the same. Never use your cell phone behind the wheel, speed, or break other traffic laws.

2. Establish A Curfew

A disproportionate number of accidents happen at night. Be sure to establish a driving curfew for your teen to limit his or her risk of being involved in a collision.

3. Download A Safe Driving App

There are dozens of apps available that encourage safe driving for teens. Some of these apps deactivate certain functions of your teen’s phone when they sense that the vehicle is in motion. They may also give you access to data about your teen’s location, speed, and other behaviors behind the wheel.

4. Buy A Safe Vehicle

The type of vehicle you purchase for your teen not only could affect the amount you pay for car insurance, but it could also influence his or her risk of being involved in a collision. Look for a vehicle with low horsepower and the latest safety features.

5. Limit The Number Of Passengers Your Teen Can Carry

It’s no secret that teens are susceptible to peer pressure. Young drivers are more likely to break a traffic law when transporting a peer passenger, so be sure to limit the number of passengers your child can carry until he or she has proven to be a responsible driver.


Common Reasons Why Teenagers’ Insurance Claims Are Denied

1. Driving Under The Influence

The power of peer pressure or plain curiosity can lead a teen to make some questionable decisions. Hitting the road while under the influence of alcohol or drugs not only will increase the risk of your child ending up in an accident but also will cause his or her insurance claim to be rejected. Educate your child on both the life-threatening and financially-devastating consequences of driving while intoxicated.

2. Lying About The Crash

Telling a small fib to avoid being grounded might seem minor, but telling a lie to the insurance company could lead to the rejection of the claim. Read through the accident report and quiz your teenager before filing a claim with the insurer.

3. Driving Without A License Or Permit

Your insurance company will only cover licensed drivers in your household. If your child does not have a learner’s permit or driver’s license and causes an accident, the insurer will reject the claim.



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