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Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in West Fargo, North Dakota

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With hundreds of carriers to choose from in West Fargo, North Dakota, it can take hours to compare all the options and find the cheapest car insurance rates. Our Geeks are here to help speed up your search. We analyzed quotes from some of the city’s top providers to identify the best and most affordable options.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in West Fargo

Best Car Insurance Companies

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements

Penalties for Driving Without Auto Insurance

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in West Fargo

Scoring cheaper auto insurance rates is one of the best ways to save money each month. But you’ll first have to compare quotes from West Fargo’s top insurers to make sure you’re not missing out on the best deals. Below, you’ll find a list of our recommendations for specific motorist categories:


Cheapest InsurerDriver Category
Liberty MutualSafe Drivers
USAADrivers in the Military
EsuranceDrivers Who Pay Their Premiums Upfront
Teen Drivers
State FarmDrivers with a DUI

Best Car Insurance Companies in West Fargo

We analyzed consumer feedback and other data to rank West Fargo’s auto insurance companies. You can find a breakdown of our findings right here:


RankCompanyOur Rating
1State FarmA
5Liberty MutualB

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in West Fargo

Drivers in West Fargo are required to purchase auto insurance meeting the state’s minimum coverage limits. A basic policy must include:

• $25,000 per person for Bodily Injury;
• $50,000 per collision for Bodily Injury;
• $25,000 per person in Un/Underinsured Motorist Coverage;
• $50,000 per collision in Un/Underinsured Motorist Coverage;
• $25,000 for Property Damage; and
• $30,000 in Personal Injury Protection insurance.

Penalties for Driving Without Auto Insurance in West Fargo

North Dakota’s vigilant law enforcement officers are always on the lookout for drivers breaking the state’s mandatory insurance laws. If you are unable to present proof of insurance (or authorities discover your car is uninsured via the state’s electronic database) you will be forced to pay between $150 and $1,000 in fines. Additionally, your license may be suspended and you will need to complete SR-22 maintenance requirements before your license is restored.

If you are caught again within 12 months of your previous offense, you may have to pay up to $5,000 in fines, spend 30 days in jail, and forfeit your license, vehicle’s registration, and plates.

West Fargo Car Insurance FAQs

What Is SR-22 Maintenance?

If your license was suspended due to any serious traffic violation, you will have to complete SR-22 maintenance requirements before your license is reinstated. In West Fargo, you will need to track down a provider offering “SR-22 insurance” and purchase a policy meeting the state’s minimum liability limits. Your new insurer will file an SR-22 certificate/form on your behalf confirming that you now possess adequate coverage. You can now apply to have your license reinstated.

How Does West Fargo’s License Points System Work?

If you’re caught committing a traffic violation, you may receive demerits on your license. The number of points you receive is calculated based on the nature of your actions. If you collect 12 demerits in a given period, your license is suspended for 7 days. For every point over this threshold, your driving ban will be extended by an extra week.



Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in West Fargo, North Dakota