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Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Virginia Beach, VA

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Finding affordable auto insurance in Virginia Beach, Virginia can be challenging with so many providers competing for your business. On this page, you’ll find our picks for the cheapest and best car insurance carriers in VB.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Virginia Beach

Best Car Insurance Companies

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements

Penalties for Driving Without Auto Insurance

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Virginia Beach

Getting the lowest-price policy that still fits your needs can be difficult without doing hours of research. We sought out to save you time by conducting our own comparison study. You can review the results below.

Cheapest InsurerDriver Category
Liberty MutualSafe Drivers
USAADrivers in the Military
MetromileLow Annual Mileage
EsuranceDrivers Who Pay Their Premiums Upfront
High-Risk Drivers
State FarmSenior Drivers

Best Car Insurance Companies in Virginia Beach

Complaint data and reviews can provide valuable insight into the quality of the service offered by an auto insurance provider. Our team compared the options to find the best carriers in Virginia Beach.

RankCompanyOur Rating
4State FarmB+
6Liberty MutualB

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in Virginia Beach

The good news is that Virginia Beach motorists aren’t required to purchase coverage. The bad news? If you’re uninsured and find yourself on the wrong side of a collision, you’ll be forced to dig deep into your own pockets to cover thousands of dollars in damages. If you elect to ditch your coverage, you will have to pay a $500 fee to the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) before you can make use of the city’s roads. However, our Geeks recommend investing in a watertight policy to ensure your next trip doesn’t end in bankruptcy. Your coverage should include:

• Liability Coverage For Bodily Injuries: $25,000
• Liability Coverage For Property Damage: $20,000
• Un/Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury Coverage Per Person: $25,000
• Un/Underinsured Motorist Property Damage Coverage Per Accident: $20,000

Penalties for Driving Without Auto Insurance in Virginia Beach

It’s estimated that 10% of the state’s motorists do not have adequate coverage. While the average policy can cost a small fortune in rates and fees, this is nothing compared to steep penalties you’ll face if you’re caught driving without auto insurance and haven’t paid Virginia’s uninsured vehicle fee.

Whether it’s your first, second, or subsequent offense, you will be fined up to $500, your license and vehicle’s registration could be suspended, and the violation may be entered into your permanent criminal record. To restore your license, you must first purchase a new policy, file an SR-22 certificate with the DMV, and fork over $145 in processing fees. Driving without insurance is categorized as a Class C Misdemeanor in the state and a successful conviction could impact your ability to find work, rent an apartment, and more.

Virginia Beach Car Insurance FAQs

What Terms Should I Know Before Purchasing Insurance in Virginia Beach?

Understanding this important terminology can make all the difference when searching for the best policy for your means and needs:

Deductible: How much you pay out of pocket before your provider steps in to cover the remainder. A low deductible can help soften the blow of expensive repairs or sky-high medical bills but will result in a higher premium, whereas a high deductible gives you less protection but more affordable rates.

Liability: Whether or not you were responsible for loss sustained in an accident.

Premium: The amount you most pay to maintain your auto insurance policy. This number is calculated based on a wide range of factors such as your gender, age, driving record, credit score, car model, and more.

Quote: Estimated rates for a potential policy.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Virginia Beach, VA