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What Is Collision Car Insurance Coverage?

Are you in the market for car insurance? If you are, you’ve probably run into several confusing terms. One such term you will see quite often while you’re researching car insurance policies is collision insurance.

This type of policy is one of the most important for drivers to consider purchasing. Your collision insurance will pay for damage to your own vehicle if you get into a covered accident. Without collision insurance, you could be left paying for expensive repairs completely out of pocket.

Speak with your insurance agent today about the collision policies your insurance company offers. It’s also a good idea to shop around for collision insurance as different companies have different rates and coverage levels.


What Is Collision Car Insurance Coverage?

Collision coverage will pay for damage to your vehicle in the event of a covered accident.

Are You Required to Purchase Collision Insurance?

Most states require you to purchase general liability and comprehensive coverage. Collision insurance is often considered an add-on policy, but it’s a good idea to purchase it. Purchasing only the bare minim required insurance policies is a mistake many drivers make. It can cost your thousands of dollars to repair or replace a vehicle after a wreck. Make sure you’re covered by insurance as thoroughly as you can afford to be.

Collision Insurance Protects You After Certain Types of Accidents

Are you covered in the event of a crash? Collision coverage will pay for vehicle repairs or replacement after a:

  • Collision with another vehicle;
  • Collision with an object; or
  • Situation in which your car rolls over.

3 Things to Know Before You Buy Collision Insurance

Don’t go into a meeting with your insurance agent totally blind. Here are a few things to know before you settle on a collision insurance policy:

  1. You can usually only buy collision insurance when it’s combined with liability and comprehensive car insurance. Drivers cannot buy only collision insurance.
  2. Your collision insurance can cover repairs to your car when you hit object like poles, fences or potholes. This type of policy covers more than just crashes with other motorists.
  3. Because the coverage takes care of expensive repairs, deductibles are often higher than other types of insurance deductibles. A standard deductible is usually around $500.

What If You’re Driving a Rental Car?

Many rental companies require that drivers take out collision insurance on their vehicles. This protects you, the driver, from any legal or financial liability in the event of an accident. If your rental company did not require this coverage, they may ask you to sign a waiver that states that you are responsible for any damages to the vehicle. Before you drive off in your rental car, it’s essential that you go over this information with the agent.

The One Time You May Not Need Collision Insurance

In general, it’s a good idea for drivers to purchase both collision and comprehensive car insurance. However, drivers with old cars with values of less than $3,000 probably don’t need to worry about purchasing collision insurance.