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Best Animal Charities in Texas (2018)

There are few decisions you can make that would be more fulfilling than adopting a pet or volunteering at an animal rescue charity, but where should you start? There are so many organizations doing fabulous work throughout Texas that choosing one can be a daunting task.

Our Geeks did the legwork to help you find the best animal charity to match your preferences. Here are our picks for the top rescue organizations in Texas:

1. Paws in the City Dallas

Paws in the City is dedicated to ending rampant neglect, abuse, and overpopulation of dogs and cats in the Dallas area. As a no-kill, nonprofit organization, Paws in the City relies on volunteers to achieve its goal of homing all adoptable pets in its care, many of which come from high-kill shelters. In its effort to reduce euthanasia rates in Dallas, the shelter funds sterilization programs and focuses on rehoming.

All animals at Paws in the City receive thorough veterinary treatment. Most animals stay in foster homes, but when fosters are unavailable, many reside at special boarding facilities until adopted.


Best Animal Charities in Texas (2018)

2. Texas Sweeties Dog Rescue

Dogs at Texas Sweeties Dog Rescue enjoy the best possible care. This nonprofit commits itself to keeping dogs away from the stress of kennels. It does this through an extensive program of volunteers willing to foster, all of whom have access to appropriate veterinary treatment. The organization’s goal is to encourage the responsible ownership of pets, with added emphasis on the need for sterilization.

Texas Sweeties Dog Rescue does not euthanize animals to make space. Foster homes are the center of this nonprofit, and it expends a great deal of effort to support those willing to house any of its dogs.

3. Legacy Boxer Rescue

Legacy Boxer Rescue is a nonprofit focusing on rescuing, fostering, sterilizing, and treating the Boxer breed specifically. Located in Hurst, the organization cares for neglected, abandoned, or otherwise downtrodden Boxers while spreading public awareness about the family-friendly nature of this dog breed. Most dogs at Legacy Boxer Rescue come from area shelters.

4. Austin Pets Alive!

This is not your typical animal charity. Austin Pets Alive! rescues dogs and cats most at risk of euthanasia. Animals with little to no chance of adoption at high-kill shelters are the primary focus of this nonprofit. Austin Pets Alive! cares for senior animals, those with severe behavioral issues, and those otherwise considered unadoptable. The charity relies on its large network of volunteers to help with all aspects of operation.

5. San Antonio Pets Alive!

As with its Austin branch, San Antonio Pets Alive! rescues animals that are in the most dire of situations. The organization saves thousands of animals every year.

6. Denton Animal Support Foundation

In collaboration with the Linda McNatt Animal Care & Adoption Center, the Denton Animal Support Foundation does a wonderful job sheltering, treating, and rehoming dogs, cats, and other animals in the Denton area. As a municipal shelter, DASF accepts animals regardless of their physical condition, breed, or age.

The Denton Animal Support Foundation has its own veterinary clinic, shelter area, and adoption center in one location. It also has various programs in place to boost adoption rates for overlooked animals.

7. Schnauzer Rescue of Texas

Unlike other shelters, the dogs cared for at Schnauzer Rescue of Texas do not suffer the stresses of a kennel environment. Instead, they live with foster families until they are adopted.

Schnauzer Rescue of Texas screens all adopters carefully. To raise funds, the organization sells custom wreaths, T-shirts, and pastel portraits of family pets, and it hosts various meet-and-greet events.

8. Habitat for Horses

Everyone should visit Habitat for Horses at least once. Not only does this nonprofit rescue neglected and abused horses, but it also saves many from the slaughterhouse. Every horse in its care has a home for the remainder of its natural life. The organization rescues donkeys, dogs, and cats, as well. If you are looking for a horse, this should be your very first stop.

9. Houston Boxer Rescue

None of the dogs saved by Houston Boxer Rescue lives in a kennel facility. The organization is dedicated to ending all neglect and abuse of boxers in Houston and surrounding areas.

10. SPCA of East Texas

Established in 2010, the SPCA of East Texas is the local adoption center for the Tyler area. Its mission is to alleviate the suffering of animals and improve their quality of life. The SPCA provides a low-cost sterilization program for dogs, cats, and other domestic animals called the SNIPPET clinic.

11. Animal Rescue League of El Paso

Offering a beacon of hope for stray dogs and cats, Animal Rescue League of El Paso strives to reduce the number of animals that the city euthanizes every year. ARLEP is a private organization that relies on the help of volunteers, caregivers, and adopters.  The organization hosts various events to raise funds throughout the year.

12. Palm Valley Animal Center

Palm Valley Animal Center is among the largest nonprofit rescue organizations in Texas. This shelter takes in all animals, regardless of whether they are stray or owned, sick or old, or of undesirable breed.

13. Lamar County Humane Association

The Lamar County Humane Association in Paris is another nonprofit animal rescue with the goal of both preventing and alleviating animal suffering. Working in close partnership with the City of Paris, LCHA manages to rehome roughly 500 dogs and cats each year, with approximately 4,000 animals passing through its doors within the same timeframe.

14. Greenville Animal Control Shelter

The Greenville Animal Control Shelter makes adopting easy. This municipal rescue center sets low fees for adoptions that include sterilizations and required vaccinations. If you find an animal that steals your heart, you will be able to take it home the very same day. Run almost entirely by volunteers, this shelter takes in huge numbers of strays. GACS saves thousands of animals each year.

15. Urgent Animals of Hearne Robertson County Texas

Run by a small group of private volunteers, Urgent Animals of Hearne Robertson County Texas exists solely to find homes for unwanted animals at the local high-kill animal control facility. Using only its Facebook page, this group operates a major rescue reliant on donations and adoption fees to pay veterinary costs for animals on the local kill list. Due to its dedicated efforts on social media, this charity has one of the highest adoption rates for its size.

16. Weimeraner Rescue of Texas

The Weimeraner Rescue of Texas saves, treats, rehabilitates, and places in new homes any dog of this breed found lost, abandoned, abused, or neglected. The organization opposes businesses that profit from live dogs, puppy mills, and irresponsible breeding. It promotes sterilization and responsible pet ownership.

Weimeraner Rescue of Texas has an outstanding reputation in the rescue community. All money collected from donations and fundraisers goes to feeding dogs, paying veterinary bills, and helping fosters find homes.

17. Animal Rescue of Texas

There are no kennels or cages for animals at the Animal Rescue of Texas. This all-volunteer nonprofit houses every dog and cat in foster homes. The organization expends a great deal of energy educating the community on humane care, treatment, and training of companion animals.