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Cheapest Car Insurance Rates In Michigan (2018)

Most auto insurance companies advertise their low rates, but as you probably know, each provider caters to a slightly different customer base, so there’s no one-size-fits all insurance company for every driver. If you’re looking for cheap car insurance in Michigan, you’ve come to the right page.

Our Geeks compared the rates of nine providers and grouped drivers in to four categories to find the most affordable quotes for the following types of drivers:

No Recent AccidentsTeen Drivers
Drivers With A DUISenior Drivers

Best Rates For Drivers With No Recent Accidents

$/month estimate

$259/month estimate

Is your driving record clear of at-fault accidents? If so, there’s a good chance that you qualify for a safe driver insurance discount.

Our study looked at the average rates of male and female drivers who had no collisions in the past five years. In the end, Progressive triumphed as the most affordable insurance provider for drivers in this category. Esurance wasn’t far behind with estimated monthly rates of $259.

These quotes are based on 50/100/25 liability limits, which are higher than the minimum required insurance coverage in Michigan. We also added uninsured motorist coverage with the same limits.

Best Rates For Teen Drivers

$447/month estimate

Finding cheap car insurance rates for teenagers is no easy task. Since they’re a greater liability to insurance companies, teens tend to pay more in monthly insurance premiums. If you’re looking for low cost auto insurance for teens and young drivers in Michigan at the minimum required coverage levels, try getting a quote from Esurance.

Best Rates For Drivers With An OWI or DUI

$/month estimate

$281/month estimate

If you’ve been convicted of drunk driving, you’re probably paying out the nose for car insurance. One way to reduce the expense is to find a provider who puts less weight on drunk driving infractions. Our Geeks found that Progressive has low cost auto insurance for drivers who have a DUI or OWI conviction in Michigan.

Best Rates For Senior Drivers

$/month estimate

$200/month estimate

Our analysts looked at the car insurance premiums for a 65-year-old driver in Michigan who had no major traffic infractions or accidents in recent history. The driver in our study commuted just 4,000 miles per year, which is low compared to younger demographics but typical of senior drivers.


A 2014 Toyota Corolla was the car used in our study. The default driver was a 29 year old. We averaged the car insurance rates of males and females to find the cheapest policies for each driver category. Our researchers referenced car insurance rates in five zip codes throughout MI. For all driver types except teenagers, the liability coverage limits were 50/100/25, and the same limits were applied for uninsured motorist coverage.

How Much Auto Insurance Are Drivers In Michigan Required To Purchase?

In the state of Michigan, the minimum car insurance liability coverage are $20,000 for bodily injuries to one individual, $40,000 for total bodily injuries in a single accident, and $10,000 for property damage.

5 Tips For Saving Money On Auto Insurance

If you’re tired of paying a small fortune for auto insurance, you’re not alone. Most people would relish the opportunity to open up some room in their monthly budget, and one of the easiest ways to do so is to pay less for insurance coverage. The first step in getting your rates reduced is to know the factors that affect your premiums, which include:

  • Your crash history;
  • Traffic infractions you’ve committed in recent years;
  • Any convictions for DUI or OWI;
  • The number of years you’ve had a driver’s license;
  • Your zip code;
  • The claim frequency of the vehicle you’re getting insured;
  • The amount of mileage you put on your vehicle each year; and
  • How you intend to use your car (business, pleasure, or commute).

The next step is to create a plan to convince your insurance company that you’re less of a liability. Here are a few effective ways to do just that:

  1. Avoid collisions for multiple consecutive years;
  2. Follow all traffic laws;
  3. Never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  4. Purchase a vehicle that is cheaper to insure; and
  5. Limit the amount of time you spend behind the wheel.

You should also consider switching to an insurance company that caters to your particular driver profile. For example, some carriers are more lenient than others when it comes to accident forgiveness.


cheapest car insurance in michigan

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